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"We Will
Make You Shine!

D'Clean'N Lady Has Been Cleaning Better Homes For Over A Decade!

Known for our unsurpassed service and attention to detail, D'Clean'N Lady is the company you can trust.
Privately owned and operated - Vickie, Christina and their dedicated staff will prove to you that they can consistently exceed your expectations with their attention to detail and determination to "Make You Shine!".

"We Will Make You Shine!"

We know where dust, dirt and grime hide and we know how to get it up and get it out. Over the years we have learned a lot about cleaning, what works and what doesn't work.
Did You Know...
  • Hairspray Really Does Work On Ink Stains...
  • Oil-Based Cleaning Products Should Rarely Be Used...
  • Ice Can Allow You To Remove Gum Or Tar...
  • Alcohol Based Ink Makes Newspaper Great For Washing Windows...
  • Wax Based Crayons Can Repair The Appearance Of Marred Wood...
We know the trust you place in us to be discreet, professional and honest is as important as our ability to help you to achieve and maintain a superior level of cleanliness.
We also know that dependability and completing our job on time is also very important to you and so you can count on us to work within your schedule and to get the job done right... Rain or shine!

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